Webhead fitness

Hi guys! Thanks for making it this far and wanting to know more about the fellas behind the scenes just as much as we would like to know more about our clients/trainers! We are Joshua & Justin Marcus A.K.A ” Jamaica & DeBo “; and as brothers that are 4 years apart from each other we still manage to have a few things in common. Born and raised in Macon, GA, we both are graduates of Northeast Magnet High School and both went off to college to play football. Unfortunately, we were walk-ons for both Kennesaw State University and Benedict College so we had to earn our scholarships. Shortly after proving we belonged on those organizations, Justin “DeBo” Marcus accommodated in bringing Kennesaw State University their first Big South Conference championship in program history while leading the defensive line in sacks.

Being that Joshua “Jamaica” Marcus is 4 years older, he joined a Semi-Pro team in the summer of 2018 by the name of Palmetto Hurricanes. Not only did he lead the team in receptions/catches, he also accommodated in bringing the Hurricanes their first Mason-Dixon League championship in program history as well. We’ve always been told that we’re too small, we’re not big enough, we’re not fast enough or we don’t have what it takes. After fighting criticism for so long, to become champions for the first time in our lives/leaving our marks inspired us to encourage those in need. Which brings us to Webhead Fitness, a non stop growing family that allows you to engage with clients/trainers near you that you were unaware of to utilize and become the best YOU