Glyndelle Poole

I am a formerly obese Fitness Trainer. I started out at a whopping 407 lbs at 6”2 sadly I was 15 years old. I’d struggled with obesity from 7 years old all the way up to my early twenties. Though my journey I transitioned from being the out of shape kid on the high school basketball team to a starting team captain on the collegiate level. I thought my passion was in basketball until I began personal training officially in 2014. I say officially because looking back I was training my friends and teammates before I ever had an ambition to make a career of it. After 7 months in the fitness industry I helped my first transformation of over 70 pounds. That’s when I found that fitness is a part of my destiny. Not only helping people look and feel better but helping people truly become more confident and bold to be purposeful. Being in shape contributes to improved health and cognitive abilities. We need a good brain and good health for all walks of life, I want to be able to help any and everyone achieve what they were put on this planet to achieve and I wanna help through fitness!!

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