Iliyas (ELI) Rahman

Iliyas B. Rahman, B.S. Exercise Science, NASM- PES
Performance Enhancement Specialist
BAM Testing Operations Site Director for NBA, NCAA, Jr.NBA
Sports Injury Management/ Recovery Consultant
BLS, CPR & AED Certified

Iliyas is a Certified Performance Enhancement Specialist /Fitness Professional with the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), the National Federation of Personal Trainers and BLS CPR & AED certified by the American Heart Association (AHA).

He began his career in health & fitness in October 1998. Over the years, he has received outstanding recognition and praise from clients, professional athletes, corporations, as well as fellow fitness professionals. He is a knowledge seeker who thrives on finding new and innovative ways to enhance the training experience for his clients and athletes. His mission is to encourage and motivate his clients to live healthier lifestyles and achieve their personal fitness goals, while at the same time enjoying the process.

As a Master Trainer, he specializes in the following areas:

 Sport Specific Strength Training: Designs strength training and cardiovascular conditioning programs to develop muscular strength, endurance, flexibility, and overall skill enhancement for athletes of all sports. Works with all sports arenas and levels of athletes from high school/college to professional athletes including NBA, WNBA, and International Basketball players.

 Injury Management Training / Post Injury Rehab: Designing and implementation of injury management programs using sports science, clinical application and cutting-edge technology focused on strengthening weaknesses, optimizing performance, and enhancing recovery of the athletes. Design and implement post-injury rehab programs that are targeted to decrease playing time lost to injury and speed return to play thru targeted programs that empower the athlete to improve and progress to higher level of strength & conditioning.

 Oxidative Energy Production / Anaerobic Systems Enhancement: Conducts VO2 Max testing of athletes to help determine specific baselines of energy production. The use of this data assists in the design of the individual programs to maximize the athlete’s aerobic capacity. This speeds up the replenishment of the muscle cells aiding in quicker recovery. This also speeds up recovery during periods of jogging or walking on the basketball court during games and practices. This helps players to have higher capacities to produce energy from both their aerobic and anaerobic energy systems.

Maya Moore (WNBA Minnesota Lynx Small Forward, USA Olympic Champion)
2018 Off-Season Strength & Conditioning Training, Flexibility, Core and Recovery training

J.J. Hickson (CBA Jiangsu Tongxi Power Forward/Center)
2017 Off-Season Strength & Conditioning Training, Yoga/Flexibility, Nutrition, Recovery
All Training programs took place at Windy Hill Athletic Club-Atlanta, GA

Lacie Johnson- Pope HS Shooting Guard/Power Forward; Pepperdine University Freshman Shooting Guard
2016-2017 Post ACL Surgery-Rehab, Strength Training, Conditioning, Core Training, Flexibility Training,

Angel McCoughtry (WNBA Las Vegas Aces Guard/Forward, Olympic Champion)
2015-2017 Off Season Strength & Conditioning Training,
Core Development, Power, Agility Training, Flexibility and Recovery protocols.

The Skill Factory Atlanta-Elite Basketball Development Program
2008-2017 Strength & Conditioning Coach, Player Development Coach (NBA, International, High School)
Sport-Specific Strength Training, Post Injury Hypertrophy Training, Core Training, Cardiovascular Training, Flexibility Training, Recovery Program design with Nutrition protocols.

Anthony Johnson (Retired NBA Point Guard/Shooting Guard)
2015-Flexibility, Basketball Conditioning, Flexibility, Injury Management

Jerry Stackhouse (Head Men’s Coach Vanderbilt, Toronto Raptors 905 D-League Team)
2014- 2016 Strength Training, Core Training, Flexibility, Cardiovascular Conditioning

Marc Antonio Carter (AEK Athens Greece Swingman)
2015-Post-ACL Surgery Rehab, Strength Training, Core, Flexibility

Andrew Lang (Retired NBA Center/Current NBA Chaplain)
2013-Present - Weight Loss, Swimming, Core Training, Post-Injury Rehab

Theo Ratliff (Retired NBA Center/Power Forward)
2013 –Strength Training, Flexibility Training, Program Design for Youth basketball athletes

Joe Johnson (NBA Utah Jazz All-Star Small Forward)
2012-2013 - Strength Training, Flexibility, Basketball Conditioning, Core Training, Recovery & Nutrition

Julius Erving (Dr. J) (NBA Hall of Famer)
2011-2014 – Core, Flexibility & Balance Training for Golf Performance, Injury Management Programs

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