Zuhayr Alam

I have been involved in Fitness, Athletics, and Physique Building for over 8 years now and have been loving every second of it! My journey, just like everyone else's has not been easy, with lots of long months of trial and error. What helped me most was having guidance from those who I look up to.

I quickly learned that fitness and health goes beyond just the gym, it is a direct connection to your lifestyle, which is the biggest thing I always take account for.

This is ultimately what lead me to starting my career as an online coach focused on Physique building.

I not only look to guide you to achieving your dream body but also joining you on your journey every step of the way. This is not just a program where we work until the job is done and go our separate ways, once you join my team you are in for life!

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4 Month One on One Online Coaching

4 Month One on One Online Coaching